Costa Rica Land

Let us tell you about Paulson’s Point Estates!  It is the place you will instantly fall in love with and know as your new home or exclusive retreat.  Paulson’s Point is now available.  The location for our Costa Rica retreat was selected by carefully scouting the available water front property on the pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Paulson’s Point is a first class Costa Rica property, available now, for a lucky owner or investor.  We have designed a quiet place surrounded by nature, but at the same time close to all the facilities of modern life.  We wanted to discover the real Costa Rica.  Magnificent tropics with incredible weather and 300 sunny days a year.

You will not be exposed to a hectic and harassing big tourist destination environment.  You will meet and live among pure, unspoiled locals who are gentle and kind, people that you would expect to find in a peaceful country like Costa Rica.